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  • electrolytes are dissolved in water
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Q: How are water balance and electrolyte balance interdependent?
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Explain how water balance and electrolyte balance are interdependent?

electrolytes are dissolved in water of the body fluids

What has the author Gretchen Mayo Reed written?

Gretchen Mayo Reed has written: 'Regulation of fluid and electrolyte balance' -- subject(s): Body fluids, Hydrogen-ion concentration, Programmed instruction, Programmed texts, Water-Electrolyte Balance, Water-electrolyte balance (Physiology), Water-electrolyte imbalances 'Regulation of fluid and electrolyte balance: a programed instruction in physiology for nurses'

What has the author William Halstead Taylor written?

William Halstead Taylor has written: 'Fluid therapy and disorders of electrolyte balance' -- subject(s): Electrolyte balance, Electrolytes, Fluid therapy, Metabolism, Water, Water-Electrolyte Balance

What is the organ responsible for regulating water and electrolyte balance in terrestrial vertebrates?


Is it true or false that electrolyte balance during exercise can be maintained by drinking water in combination with a balance diet?


Mineralocorticoids help regulate both water and electrolyte balance in body fluids?


What are the receptors for directly monitoring electrolyte balance?

No receptors directly monitor fluid or electrolyte balance

How does chloride helps electrolyte balance?

ph balance

What has the author John N Krieger written?

John N. Krieger has written: 'Practical fluids and electrolytes' -- subject(s): Acid-Base Imbalance, Acid-base imbalances, Kidney, Physiology, Water-Electrolyte Balance, Water-Electrolyte Imbalance, Water-electrolyte imbalances

Is sugar water an electrolyte or non electrolyte?

Its a non electrolyte.

Is the kidney also a major homeostatic organ because it maintains electrolyte balance?

The kidney, among other systems, helps to maintain electrolyte balance.

Which hormones in the adrenal gland function to control water and electrolyte balance?

Aldosterone is excreted from the adrenal gland to control water and electrolyte balance in the body. Aldosterone is a considered a steroid hormone which is produced by the outer section of the adrenal cortex of the adrenal gland.