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It depends on the type of plant. Air layering will work for all dicotyledons and polycotyledons. For many plants, other techniques work better. With some plants, break a stem almost in half and stick the broken part in the soil and leave the other part attached to the plant, and the part stuck in the ground becomes a new plant.
The most simple way would be to take a cutting of the plant you want, and replant it. This will produce a genetically identical copy (or clone) of the plant you take a cutting of.

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what are the artificial reproduction of aplant

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Q: How can people artificially asexually reproduce plants?
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What types of plants reproduce asexually?

Many plants reproduce both sexually and asexually. Daylilies can be spilt into multiple plants from the tubers and roots. Geraniums can start new plants from cuttings.

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Teacup pigs reproduce sexually. All animals reproduce sexually. Only plants have the ability to reproduce asexually.

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No. Other plants that reproduce by anything else can.

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The mustard plant drops seeds.

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There are many organisms that can reproduce sexually and asexually for example roses, orhids and spider plants

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Asexually. When plants reproduce, they don't have sex physically.

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NO!!! Multicellular organisms can reproduce asexually too! Some plants and animals reproduce this way, and they are certainly more than one cell!

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yes, they can.