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An insect's breathing pores are called spiracles. They are usually located on the thorax and abdomen. Caterpillars, butterflies and moths breathe using spiracles.
Insects have pores that are called spircales; they use these to breath. They are found on the thorax and abdomen.

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Q: How do butterflies breathe?
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How does butterflies breathe?

Butterflies breathe through the admen.

Do butterflies breathe air?


Does butterfly breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen?

No, butterflies are not plants.

Do butterflies have nose?

Butterflies have spiracles (small holes along their sides) which they breathe through.

How do butterflies breath?

Butterflies breathe sorta the way we do, the have small lungs and they take in small amounts of air, but its enough to keep them alive!

Do butterflies gas exchange?

Butterflies do indeed take part in the exchange of gasses. They need oxygen to breathe just like most living animals.

What has the author Betty J Trott written?

Betty J. Trott has written: 'Breathe on me, butterflies' -- subject(s): Butterflies, Daffodils, Fiction, Spring

Do butterflies breathe through lungs?

No. Insects such as butterflies to not have lungs. They have openings called spiracles in their abdomens. Air travels in and out passively, without lungs or similar organs moving it.

Do butterflies have noses?

Adult butterflies, as well as caterpillars, breathe through a series of tiny openings along the sides of their bodies, called "spiracles." From each spiracle, a tube called a "trachea" carries oxygen into the body. Butterflies don't have noses and lungs as we do. Butterflies "smell" with their antennae. so no, I'm afraid butterflies do not have noses.

Who are the butterflies in time of the butterflies?

The butterflies are the four sisters.

What does zymac kill?

butterflies nest

Are butterflies a reptile?

No, butterflies are not classified as reptiles. Butterflies are insects.

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