How do plants make flowers?

Updated: 8/10/2023
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By photoperiodism the hormone floragin is produced and the plant enters the reproductive phase from vegetative phase and initiation of flower buds takes place. These flower buds on further development make flowers.

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Water, sunlight, earth and seeds all together make a flower.

You plant a seed in the ground, water it everyday (unless it rains) and make sure it is in the sun.

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Q: How do plants make flowers?
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Do all plants make flowers?


What plants make flowers?

Nonflowering plants make spores or reproduce by budding.

How do plants without flowers make new plants?

They use seeds.

What is the difference between plants with flowers an plants without flower?

the plants without flowers HAVE no flowers ! and the plants with flowers DO HAVE flowers :P

Flowering plants use there flowers to make what?

seeds to start new plants

How are plants different from flowers?

flowers grow on plants not all plants have flowers

Do gymnosperms make flowers in plants?

No they do not, they are only found on Angiosperm Plants along with fruits.

Are plants flowers?

Flowers are part of the reproductive cycle of plants therefore they are not plants per se.

Why are flowers important to plants?

Flowers are important to plants because they are the structures involved in sexual reproduction.They are the source of seeds.

Do flowering plants use their flowers to make seeds for reproduction?


What are some plants that do not make seeds or flowers?

Moss has no flower or seed.

Do hosta plants have seeds?

Hosta flowers do make seeds.