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Photosynthesis is accomplished by chlorophyll. Regardless of the color of the leaf, the cholophyll is still present and therefore photosynthesis still occurs.

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Q: How do plants with foliage that is not green in color photosynthesize?
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Do pitcher plants photosynthesize as well as eat insects?

Yes. If it has any green foliage, that is for photsynthesis.

Why do green plants photosynthesis?

Green plants photosynthesize because green plants contain chloroplasts. The chlorophyll inside the chloroplasts is what makes the plant a green color.

Can green color frogs photosynthesize?

No, photosynthetis is known from plants and in some animal life but not in frogs.

Why do green plants photosynthesise?

Green plants photosynthesize to create energy. They are green due to chlorophyll.

Why is it that generally the leaves of plants is color green?

Because plants use chlorophyll to photosynthesize energy from solar radiation and chlorophyll is a bad absorber of light's green wavelengths.

How does fungi differ from green plants?

Fungi do not photosynthesize.

Plants and green algae have the same types of what?

Plants and green algae share similar cellular anatomy. Both organisms have the cell organelles know as chloroplasts which lend to a plants characteristic green color and ability to photosynthesize.

What do phytoplankton have in common with green land plants?

They all photosynthesize

Do green plants photosynthesize all day and night in summer?


Does Spanish Moss photosynthesize?

Yes, all green plants do

Why are the leaves and stems of the plant green?

Many organisms that photosynthesize contain the pigment chlorophyll, which gives them a green color. Many organisms that photosynthesize contain the pigment chlorophyll, which gives them a green color.

What are symptoms of phosphorous deficiency in plants?

Slow growth, stunting, and purplish color (anthocyanins) on foliage or dark green color; dying leaf tip.

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