How do you do a blind sort?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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i have no idea

cover your eyes while the person says the word and spell it by writing it down

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Q: How do you do a blind sort?
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What sort of dogs help the blind?


What does the author mean when maniac was sort of blind?

The Author put maniac magee was sort if blind that means he couldnt see why Mars Bars did that kind of stuff to him

What blind albino insects live in caves?

Blind cave cricket- blind but very vocal, making noises by scratching their wings as a sort of code language.

IS the guy in splinter cell blind?

No sam fisher is not blind i have the game and i think he is some sort of robot not that sure but if he was blind he would not be out to kill any one

Do color blind people know if there skin is white or black?

Sort of. They only see a shade of gray, black, or white.

How are blind shrimp adapted to their environment?

they have some sort of organ on their back instead of a eye if that helps ?

What does I'm sweating like a blind lesbian at a fish market mean?

The smell of vagina is often related to a fishy sort of smell. Thus, a blind lesbian, only being able to smell and hear, smells a lot of vagina.

How can a blind person identify steps?

they usually have some sort of 'stick' type thing that helps them 'feel around' to where steps and other obsticles are.

How does blindness occure?

If you have gotten heart in some sort of way it may affect the person during birth. Or if parent is blind it could infect the child.

Is there a way to get back your vision after being totally blind?

It IS possible to get your vision back after being totally blind. The circumstances under which this could happen are rare, however. Say, for example, that you were kicked in the back of the head by a horse... this could knock the optical nerve out of place, causing you to go blind. If you were struck in the back of the head again, it is possible that the optical nerves can click back in place, resulting in a miraculous return in vision. If you go blind from some sort of chemical or other accident which results in the physical scarring or destruction of the eye, it is next to impossible to regain your vision. If you have been blind from birth due to some sort of birth defect, laser eye surgery may be able to give you the gift of sight.

How do blind people know that there is braille where they are at?

When a person goes blind there other sences become hightened, as you may have heard. But many people don't realized the sort of spidy sence that blind people posses. Question, Have you ever seen a blind person just undressing on a crowded subway platform. Answer No. It's because they develope jesus like powers that allow them to be all knowing at all times. So the way a blind person knows there is brail around them is they just harness there powers or they could just ask.

What are some words that start with a b that describe boys?

Buff, beef, blind (as in can't sort things out). Brave, Beautiful, Belligerent, Bratty, Benevolent, Brainy, Boring, Bright.