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Conjugation does not differ from reproduction as it one of the ways of sexual production. This is where the male and female gametes combine for purposes of reproduction.

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Transfers DNA horizontally, to cells in the same generation

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Q: How does Conjugation differ from reproduction?
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What is the type of bacterial reproduction that is most similar to sexual reproduction?


What is a type reproduction found in paramecia?


The type of bacterial reproduction that is most similar to sexual reproduction is called?


The act of two bacteria joining and exchanging DNA?

It is called bacterial conjugation, this is not sexual reproduction, since no exchange of gamete occurs.

What is a typical method of reproduction in animals?

for animals the typical reproduction is sexual- probably conjugation

What is the method of the Pomeranian reproduction?

Sexual by conjugation or fertilization.

Why is conjugation considered a form of sexual reproduction?

I am studying Microbiology in school currently. According to my understanding, conjugation is not a form sexual reproduction, instead, it is asexual reproduction. Reason being, conjugation only involves transfer of genetic information which is the same as sexual reproduction which involves the fusion of garmetes (sex cells)/equal exchange of genetic material. Hope my answer is helpful. But now, I have a question. Why is conjugation considered a form reproduction when it does not even produce a new offspring?

Is genetic material is transferred through a pilus in binary fission?

This is bacterial reproduction in the form of conjugation.

What way do fungi reproduction?

Budding, sporulation, conjugation, etc.

What is conjugation a form of?

A. Respiration B. Producing energy C. Sexual reproduction D. Sexual reproduction The answer is C. Sexual reproduction

What are the forms of bacteria growth and reproduction?

Binary Fission and Conjugation are two common forms of bacterial reproduction.

What is the sexual reproduction in the paramecium called?

levon cooper Conjugation Maybe