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Q: How does a sperm cell feature help carry out its function?
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What is a sperm cell main function?

sperm main function is to carry the male genes to the egg

How sperm cell feature enables it to carry out its role?

it has a tail for swimming to the egg

What the function of the end piece of the sperm cell?

tail is to swim, head (nucleus) is to carry genes

What normal feature does the sperm cell have?

The normal features of a sperm cell are the nucleaus,cytoplasm and cell membrane.

How is the Sperm Cell adapted to carry out its function?

Sperm contain tail, so that its help to swim of the sperm cells, and sperm is having large number of mitochondria which produced lots of energy, its help to move of the sperm cell. The head of the sperm cell have an enzyme to digest the glycoprotein membrane of the germ cell so that it can be fertilized with egg.

What is the job of a sperm cell?

The main function of a sperm cell is to fertilize an egg.

What is the function of the tail piece of the sperm cell?

It is the part that allows the sperm cell to 'swim'

In a grain of pollen what is the function of the sperm that doesn't join with the egg cell?

In a grain of pollen,what is the function of the sperm cell that doesn't join with the egg cell?

Why do the nerve cell and the sperm cell have different structures and shapes?

From structure, comes function. Cells have differentiated into different shapes based on the functions they are tasked to carry out.

What is the function of an animal sperm cell?

The function of a sperm cell is to compete with all it's "fellow" sperm cells to fertilize an available egg and produce a viable offspring.

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