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if you mean penetrate it happens when you have a sexual intercourse

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Q: How does a sperm get through?
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Is sperm can pass through cloth?

yes sperm can pass through clothes

Sperm and eggs are formed through the process of?


Can sperm seep through condoms?

If there is a rip or tear in the condom then then sperm can seep through.

Explain the movement of sperm through the male reproductive system?

The movement of sperm through the male reproductive system begins in the testes where sperm are produced. From there, the sperm move through the epididymis, the vas deferens and finally through the urethra.

Can sperm travel through human skin?

No, sperm can't travel through human skin.

What is the movement of sperm through the male reproductive system?

After sperm is produced, it travels through the testes through sperm ducts that circle the bladder, a gland called the seminal vesicle provides sperm with a fluid. This fluid supplies the sperm with an energy source and helps them move.

What is the tube through which sperm finally leave the body?

Sperm ultimately leaves the body through the urethra.

Can you sperm if you have not gone through puberty?

no,sperm only comes once you've gone through puberty.

How sperm collect through donor?

Donor's collect sperm by masturbating and collecting sperm in a container.

Where does sperm leave the body?

Sperm leaves the body through the penis.

Can sperm go through pants?

The body fluids that contain sperm can soak into fabric and the sperm might be able to find their way through but it is not very likely.

Can sperm pass through underwear?

NO humans can't but ony sea cretures can pass sperm through water

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