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This all happens in photosynthesis. During the course of day in sunlight, the leaves absorb carbon dioxide from air holes present in them called stomata. The carbon dioxide is utilized to obtain energy with sunlight, and water. Then during night time, the trees starts giving of oxygen and water vapor as the waste products.

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via(through) diffusion diffusion is the process where molecules go from higher concentration to a lower concentration

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because of the stomata

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Q: How does water and air exchange take place in a leaf?
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What is the stomata on a leaf?

The opening (usually on the underside of a leaf) that allows gas exchange to take place which is essential for respiration but which also looses water.

Where does gaseous exchange take place in a leaf'?


How does the leaf gaseous exchange take place?

they use their stomata to exchange gases with the environment by taking in carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen and water vapor into the air

Where in the leaf does splitting of water take place?

Water is split in the photosystems in the chlorophyll of the chloroplasts.

Why does diffusion takes place in the leaf?

It takes place cause the leaf wants it to take place

What are the four things a leaf needs for photosynthesis to take place?

Sunlight,water,carbon dioxide,and chlorophyll

Where does exchange of oxygen take place?

The exchange of oxygen takes place in the alveoli. It is found in our lungs

Were does photosynthesis take place in plants?


What do you mean by photolysis of water when and where does it takes place?

the process in which water is converted into glucose and oxygen by the sunlight is called photolysis which can be understand by given equation . it take place in leaf during day time.

Does photosynthesis take place in flowers?

it does not take place in "flower". it takes plce in "leaf of a plant".

Does respiratory exchange take place in fetus?


Does photosynthesis take place in the leave or in the roots?

the leaf