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It depends on the person especially guys, Its like asking how fast you can get a boner ;)

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no the liver is

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really fast

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Q: How fast does the human body grow?
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Does the human body grow as fast as the elephant?


Can cockroaches grow to the human body?

cockroaches can not grow to the size of an human body that would be immposible

Which human body parts grow fast?

brain cells

Can a snake grow and live in the human body?

How fast can a person grow?

The human body grows at different rates, depending on if you are a male or female, and your age. For instance, after 2 years of age, you grow about 2 inches a year, until puberty.

How many hairs grow in a human body?


How do you grow breasts for nine year old fast?

Your body controls the hormones that grow breasts.

How does protein effect the human body?

Protein makes the body healthy and helps it grow if the human gets a lot of protein.

Which body part continuses to grow when everything else stops?

There is no such organ in human body.

Why hair grow stronger and longer in specific place of human body?

The human body is a very unique organism. The reason the hair on the head grows fast and longer than hair on ones face or legs is how we are created. The rate of growth can also vary based on genetics.

How fast does armpit hair grow?

it depends on how your body works. sometimes it grows fast, other times it doesn't.

How much human body have vertebrate bones?

it means you grow quickly