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1. There is a thick liquid produced in the joint spaces to cushion and reduce friction. This viscous fluid is called synovial fluid.

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Q: How is friction reduced in joints like knees and elbows?
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What does joints do?

Allow movement. Your elbows and knees are joints.

Your knees, elbows, and fingers are called?


What is the name for your joints at your knees and elbows?

the elbow and knee are hinge joints

What kind of joint are the elbows and the knees?

The knees, toes, and fingers are all hinge synovial joints.

Are bony joints the most common types of joints?

There are knees and elbows, they are the major joints.

Elbows knees and fingers are what type of joint?

The knees, toes, and fingers are all hinge synovial joints.

Name 4 places in your body where joints are found?

your knees, elbows, shoulders, and wrists

What is a double joint in the skeletal system?

is it cartilage

Are the joints important?

Yes, they are because that's how we can bend our elbows, hands, knees, neck, and other parts of body contaning joints.

Where hinge joints are located?

The knee is a hinge joint. All the other joints have a certain amount of side movement. 2nd Answer: The elbows are also classified as hinge joints - other than size, they are almost identical to knee joints.

What roles do joints play in the body?

without joints. you could not bend....elbows, hips, knees, anything

What joint are affected from walking?

Toes, Feet, Knees, hips, elbows shoulder, most of the joints between the vertebrae,