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  • Water is relatively light (MW 18).
  • Highly polar, and thus an excellent solvent for many salts, ions, and other "polar" substances
  • It is also a good solvent for Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide
  • Its solid (ice) is of a lower density than its liquid (water), thus it floats. And, ice is also a relatively good insulator... put them together and the ice can protect water below from freezing.
  • The oxygen-Hydrogen bond is relatively weak, and with the two unshared electron pairs on the oxygen, the water can essentially exist in 3 forms:
    • H3O+
    • H2O
    • HO- (or OH-)
    • Thus, it is both a good acid and a good base
  • The Freezing Point (O°C) and the Boiling point (100°C) both lie near the average temperatures on earth, with water existing in solid, liquid, and gaseous forms on earth. Perhaps it also has a relatively high vapor pressure.
  • Having a molecular weight lighter than Neon, Water would likely escape earth's atmosphere if it did not condense into water and ice in cold temperatures
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Water has many unique properties. Two of the most important are that water is the only substance that has a lower density as a solid than as a liquid. Another important quality related to this is that water expands as it freezes.

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Water is a compound because it is not a single element but made up of two different elements. Water is a single compound on its own. It often contains many others, and certainly some hydroxide. By the way what makes water an unusual compound is that without water we and plants and animals well die. The two main things that makes us alive is water and oxygen.

Water came from earth because earth has 77 percent water. Water that flows into our sinks and bathtubs either comes from rivers and lakes or from water flowing down below the Earth's surface called groundwater. Most towns and cities have a big system of pipes that go deep into the Earth, suck groundwater up from down below and pump it through a series of pipes all the way into our homes and schools.

You may be wondering how water gets under the ground. To understand where water comes from, we need to learn about a process called The Water Cycle.

Water in oceans, rivers, ponds and lakes is heated by the sun, which turns it into water vapor, (which is kind of like invisible water) and the vapor forms a cloud up in the sky. When a cloud gets so full of water that it can't hold anymore, it rains! The rain water travels back into our rivers and oceans, or it soaks down deep into the ground, creating more groundwater. It's a great system!

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Q: How is water unusual for such a small molecule?
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Why is water considered an unusual molecule?

The molecular bonds cause water to expand when it freezes.

What does a picture or a molecule of water look like?

Very small

How big is a water molecule in scientific notation?

very small

What is a small molecule found in living organisms?

Water (H20) is the main constituent of our bodies.

True or false the tiniest bit of water that still is water is a molecule of water?

No. Water is composed of two hydrogen atoms, and one oxygen atom. Both of these can exist as pure elements in the form of H2 and O2, respectively. Since a hydrogen (H) atom has the fewest number of protons and electrons, at one a piece, H2, the binding of two of this smallest atom, is the smallest molecule.

How many molecules of hydrogen does water contain?

A molecule of water contains two atoms of hydrogen. A molecule of hydrogen contains two hydrogen atoms. Therefore, one molecule of water contains one hydrogen molecule, but it is unusual to think in these terms. Check the wording of your question.

A water molecule is composed of a large oxygen atom bonded to two small hydrogen atoms. Which of the following would make the best model of a water molecule?

two small plastic balls attached to a larger plastic ball by toothpicks - apex

How can water go through the cell membrane when it is polar?

Because it is a small molecule, water can diffuse through the cell membrane.

How does a condensation reaction get its names?

A condensation reaction is one in which two or more molecules combine into a larger molecule often with the loss of a small molecule, such as water.

How do you test for sulfur in tap water?

You can test for sulfur in your tap water by using a test kit. It is not unusual to have very small amounts in your water which is not considered harmful.

What is the chemical configuration of the water water molecule?

configuration of water molecule

How is water molecule polar?

water molecule is polar due to higher electronegativity of the oxygen atom than hydrogen. The oxygen molecule pulls the shared pair of electrons partially towards itself resulting in the hydrogen atom having a small positive charge on it and the oxygen atom having a small negative charge, thus causing polarity.