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Not even your vet can answer this one, but tumors of the spleen are operable. It depends how long your dog has had the cancer and if it has spread from the spleen to other parts of the body. There has been good news and a little bad from my research. Although surgery is expensive if you can please give your dog the break it deserves. Your vet will do tests on your dog and then discuss those tests with you and give a diagnosis. Often if it's operable the dog may live many more years.

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If it only has it a tiny bit, it will have about a 50-50% chance of living. If it has it severely, then it only has about a 10-10% chance of living. And if it is just getting started, then it'll have a 90% chance of living, and if it's just ending, then it has a 99% chance of living.

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Our dog has multiple cancerous mast cell tumors that could not be safely removed because of a lung tumor. Our vet would not put him under because of the risk from the lung tumor decided to give our dog quality of life over quantity. He is taking pednizone ,benidryl, and pepsid ac.It has been 6 months already since diagnosis and he is doing well. We are just thankful for every day we have with him

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Q: How long can dog live with mast cell tumors?
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