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Although the human eye and brain can interpret up to 1000 frames per second, someone sitting in a chair and actively guessing at how high a frame rate is can, on average, interpet up to about 150 frames per second. There is no appreciable difference between 150 FPS and anything higher.

There is a common myth that humans can only see about 30 FPS, and that more than that is a "waste" This is simply not true. However, some people say that they get headaches from frame rates higher than 30 FPS.

If you need proof that the human eye can see more than 30FPS, visit this website.

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Q: How many frames per second can the human eye see?
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What is the minimum number of frames per second that can be perceived by the human eye as motion?

The average frame speed required for the sensation of fluid motion is about 24 frames per second

How many complete picture frame are scan in one second?

30 frames per second is the minimum rate that it takes to fool the human eye into believing that a series of still pictures are moving.

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The eye moves 50 times every second. - This is a Snapple Real Fact #172

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When in danger does one's eye see more than sixty five frames per sec?

Your eye doesn't see in frames per second (fps) - and it's hard to determine how many fps the eye would be because of the way people construct video and use frame blurring. The average cinema film is done in 24 frames per second. Because the eye doesn't have a shutter means its constantly viewing (until you blink).

How many times can the human eye blink in a second?

It would be impossible for a human to blink 5 or more times in one second so the correct answer is once

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There are 30 parts in the human eye.

How long an image persist on retina of human eye?

for 1/16th of a second an image persist on retina of human eye

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