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0.5% of the worlds poppulation, supposedly.

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Q: How many people in the world have pointed ears?
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Why do vampires have pointed ears?

Vampires, in the classical sense, were drawn with pointed ears because it made them resemble bats whose pointed ears help them to hear. In reality, a Vampire is simply someone - anyone - who consumes blood. Many people in history practiced it because they believed it would keep them young forever. There are people today who practice it. None of them had pointed ears or gained pointed ears from the act. Or if anyone did, it wasn't because of the act but something unrelated. Incidentally, however, the concept was to some degree proven correct (see the related link). It was shown that young blood can reverse the aging process. However, if you were to consume blood, the blood component would be destroyed by digestion and would cease to be of value. Which is why no one gets younger by drinking blood. It is biologically possible, however, for a classical vampire to exist. If an individual had a mutation that allowed them to ingest blood without digesting it and they consumed the blood of the young and healthy, this blood would keep the indivudal young forever and provide all their nutritional needs. Because it is biologically possible, it means there is a chance the Vampire stories have a root in truth. However, none have been proven to exist and certainly not with pointed ears.

How many people can wiggle their ears?

Approx. 4,397,816,568

How many ears does a mug have?

A "Mug" has 1,000,000,000 ears so don't go around telling people they only have 2.

How many people like to eat chicken through their ears?


How do you get a pointy nose naturally?

Some people (like myself, my siblings, and some of my nieces and nephews) just have naturally pointed ears. They don't look odd, and are not as pronounced as fake elf ears or spock ears, but would definitely be called pointy by anyone you ask. I guess that is just a variation like any other, like having unusual eye color like violet. In other cases there is a rare ear deformity called Stahl's ear, which affects the folds of the ears, and in some cases can case them to take on a pointed shape. Although this condition is called "Spock's Ear" or "Vulcan's ear", in many cases Stahl's ears are not pointed. It is common for people to have cosmetic surgery to make their ears look more 'normal' in this case. Stahl's ear may or may not have a hereditary component, but it is thought to be caused by a mutation in the gene's controlling the shape of the folds in the ear. This condition is most commonly found in asians, and is extremely rare in other groups. In either case, as I said, it's generally a rare thing. I like my pointy ears and think they're quite unique and cute :-)

What has a pointed nose?

Many birds have pointed noses that are called beaks. An anteater also has a pointed nose.

What causes YOU to have ringing in YOUR ears?

I don't have any ringing sounds in my ears. However, other people may have it due to a concussion. Also, it could be a sign of a stroke. Many people who had attended a loud concert often experience ringing in the ears.

What happends to you nose job when you age?

noses and ears keep on growing throughout one's lifetime. That is why you see so many old people with huge ears...

How many ears does mickey mouse have?

He has to ears

How people are there in the world in the world?

how many people are there in the world

Who eats pigs ears?

Many people from Asia eat pig ear it is the best answer for this question.

Can your ears bear the sound of a thunderbolt?

Yes, many people hear plenty of thunder in their lifetimes.