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according to statistics the Human Eye blinks around 20times/minute, so thats 16k times in one day,

according to statistics of Dr Robinson (late) Graduate from MIC

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Q: How many times does a human eye blink per day?
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How many times a day do you blink?

The average infant only blinks once every minute or so, but adults can blink at varying frequencies between three to fifteen times per minute depending upon activity. For adults, this will produce a total of around 10,000 blinks per day. When concentrating or actively processing input, blink rates decrease; when reading, for example. When at rest, blink rates increase. Higher blink rates can also signify anxiety, deceit or a lack of restful sleep. Dust, bright light and other environmental conditions that may induce eye-strain can dramatically increase blink rates, as can viral and bacterial infections that affect mucous production and lacrimal function. If the average adult blinks around three to fifteen times per minute and is awake for sixteen hours of the day, they blink between 2,880 and 14,400 times per day, probably averaging about 9,600 (ten per minute).

How many times does a human sneeze in their lifetime?

A human will sneeze millions of times during their lifetime. There is no way to count exactly how many actual sneezes will occur.

How long can the average person go without blinking?

It takes between a fraction of a second to about 10 seconds to retain concentration. Beyond 10 seconds, eye strain sets in and the person may lose concentration. Some can remain unblinked for up to 3 minutes but is really stressful. Engaging in any other activity with any other part of your body will however influence the eye to blink or lose its concentration. it just takes one blink of the eye, no longer than that.

How many times a day is your blood cleaned?

18000988929873 times a day.

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A average person produces flatulence about 14 times a day.