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The citric acid cycles doesn't really metabolize glucose. That would be the glycolysis.

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Kreb cycle doesn't produce glucose. It uses acetyl CoA, derived from glucose, to make citric acid, making ATP and NADH in the process.

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Just one Turn per turn.

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Q: How many turns of the citric acid cycle are required for a single glucose to be metabolized?
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Is citric acid a mixture?

Citric acid (if pure and in the anhydrous form) is a single molecule with the formula C6H8O7. So - NO - citric acid is a compound, but not a mixture.

Why is glucose your bodies single most important source of energy?

Glucose is very important source. This is because, your brain can use glucose only as a source of energy. Rest of the body can manage without the glucose. Fortunately you get much more glucose from your food than required by your body. Glucose being the primary product of photosynthesis.

What is difference between citric acid mono and citric acid anhydrus?

Citric acid monohydrate has a single molecule of water attached to each molecule of citric acid, whereas citric acid anhydrous has been dried so has no water at all.

How many glucose monomers are there in a single starch molecule?

A single starch molecule contents few thousands glucose monomers in single molecule.

Does glucose have single or double bonds?

it has all single bonds

Is glucose a monomer?

Yes. You are right. Glucose is a monomer. Because it is a single molecule.

What metabolic pathway generates 36 ATP from a single glucose molecule?

Glucose metabolism

Glucose is considered a monomer because?

Because it is a single hexagonal ring structure.

What is a single glucose called?

glucose is a sugar simple sugars like glucose are called monosaccharides mono = one saccharide = sugar

Monomer of Carbohydrates?

monosaccharides which are single simple sugars( glucose, fructose galactose)

How many hydrogen are in a single glucose molecule?

The formula for glucose is C6H12O6, so 12 hydrogen.

Starch is digested into many single units of glucose molecules so glucose is an example of a what?

Glucose is a monomer; monomers of carbohydrates are called monosaccharides.