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The cheek cell is an animal cell and the Elodea cell is a plant cell. Both cells have have a Nucleus, Nucleolus, Nuclear Membrane, Mitochondrion, Centrosome, Rough ER, Smooth ER, Ribosomes, Golgi body, Cell membrane, Cytoplasm and Vacuole. However, there are some parts that the animal cell have that a plant cell does not and there are some parts a plant cell have that an animal cell does not. You can look at the pictures in the URLs [related links].

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A cheek cell is similar to that of an Elodea in that they are both eukaryotic, both have cytoplasm, both have organelles, etc.

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Cheek cell and plant cell are similar as both are eukaryotics cell and both of them contain membrane bound nucleus.

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Q: How were the cheek cells and Elodea cells the same?
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What are the sizes of cheek epithelial cells and elodea leaf cells?

The human epithelial cells are thick and boxlike whereas elodea cells are thin and platelike. The cells of elodea are rigid and rectangular in shape.

How are elodea cells similar to cheek cells?

Well, a cheek cell would be some sort of animal cell, and an Elodea would have plant cells. So an Elodea cell would have cells walls, while a cheek cell would not. A cheek cell would have a pair of centrioles, while an Elodea cell would not.

Are human cheek epithelial cells thinner than elodea?

Yes, they are

What is the same in paramecium and elodea cells?

They are the same because they are both cells.

Why do onion and elodea cells have a more definite shape than the human cheek cells?

Elodea and onion cells have more consistent shapes than human epithelial cells because they have cell walls. The human epithelial cells do not have defined cell walls.

Are animal cheek cells the same shape as human cheek cells?


Do chloroplasts move in elodea cells?

Today I just did a lab viewing elodea cells and human cheek cells. When I viewed the Elodea cells on the highest power, I saw chloroplasts moving. They looked like tiny green spheres moving in little groups of two or more on a set of "tracks". I hope this answers the question.

How is a cheek cell and elodea cell different?

The cheek cell does not have a large central vacoule, a cell wall and chloroplast, things which the Elodea cell has.

Which are smaller onion cells or elodea?

Elodea cells are smaller

Is elodea cells organisms?

Is Elodea cell an organism?

Do Elodea cell have cytoplasm?

yes elodea cells do. They use it to move.

What are things you can observe under a microscope?

You can scrape the inside part of your cell and examine the cheek cells. Also, you can use various plants such as an Elodea plant. If it is alive and wet, it is better.