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Well something that is alive can breath and eat. Dead things cant do this.

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of course feel if the person is breathing or not
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feel if the person is breathing or not if not you should try to get the person to the hospital

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Q: How you know when something once alive or dead?
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What is an abiotc feature?

An abiotic feature in an environment is something there that isn't alive, like a rock or water. But if it is just a dead thing that once was alive it's bioltic, which means alive.

What is the difference between dead object and inanimate object?

inanimate objects were never alive dead objects were once alive.

Organic means something that is or once was?


Is a dead animal considered living or non living?

dead implies that it was once alive, but nonliving implies that it is simply matter, and never was alive.

Is a part or imprint of something that was once alive?


What is a part or imprint of something that was once alive?


Why is brain death irreversible?

Your brain is your body. Once the thing that keeps you alive is dead, you're dead.

Are dead things non-living things?

Properly speaking, dead things are formerly living things. It's sometimes used figuratively to mean something which has never been and could never be alive, but usually it implies that the thing referred to used to be alive but no longer is.

What is something that is non living that was once living?


Is water non living or dead?

Water is not a living thing, but it is also not dead, because that would indicate that it once had life.

Is an organism something that is alive or once was alive?

Yes, an organism by definition is not only alive, it reacts to stimuli, maintains homeostasis, grows and can reproduce. Once it dies, it returns to the soil or water as organic matter. If something cannot be alive, it is inorganic. This includes all the minerals on the earth or what we sees as "rocks".

Is a lizard a living thing?

Yes, they are alive (unless they're dead, in which case they aren't, but they once were).