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If you have blood type a you can donate blood to other people who have type a blood and to people who have type ab blood. People with type a blood are said to have thicker blood than the other blood types.

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Q: I have blood type A, and I know that somehow type A is different from the other types, but I would like to know what they are.?
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What blood types do a- take and why and why doesnt it take the other blood types?

Blood types usually only take blood of the same type, with the exception of O. Different blood types, such as A and B, will see each other as a threat to the body, a foreign object, and will attack each other.

Where can I find out more about the four different blood types?

The most common blood type is O. This is referred to as the universal donor. The other three types are A,B and AB blood types. The O type is compatiable with the other three types of blood.

How are blood types different?

Blood types have different cells in them as well as different antigens.

Do dogs have different blood types?

yes. dogs have different blood types?

Why does different blood types make you more unique?

O negative blood is the universal donor and can be given to any person with any type of blood. Other blood types can not do this because their antigens.

What are the compatiable blood types?

I believe type O blood is the one blood type that can be matched to any of the other blood types. There is one type of blood, though, that is not compatible with type O blood. However, that is very rare.

What blood types do other animals have?

Animals have many different kinds. The number of blood types vary throughout each different species. For example, cats have 3, cows have about 800 and dogs have 13 (6-8 of which are the major ones). This is why blood transfusions cannot be made to different species. The donors blood will react to the patients blood because their blood types are not the same.

Is there different types of blood in cows?

there are 2 types of cow blood- cow blood and baby blood

What differentiates blood types from all other blood types?

Blood type O can recieve any type of blood transfusions. They can also recieve any type of plasma. O positive is a common blood type and those with it should take advantage of donating both blood and plasma.

Can different blood types result from different antibodies being present on membranes of red blood cells?

Not quite. Different blood types result from different antigens present on the membranes of red blood cells.

Which of the blood types can receive blood from the largest number of other blood types?

Blood AB.

Why is the body better served by several different types of white blood cells?

The body is better served by having several different types of white blood cells as they can specialize and attack based on immediate need. There are five types of WBC, monocytes, basophils, lymphocytes, neutrophil and eosinophil.