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Q: If a euglena is swimming to the left which way should you move your slide to keep it in view?
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What is the of a fish?

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.

What is a of fish?

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Why should you keep the stage on a microscope flat if it has liquid on?

so that the liquid doesn't slide off

What is the answer of euglena?

they cinsist of a membrane that allows them to keep a definite shape but also make adjustment

How do euglena react to bright lights?

it blinds them keep them in complete black

How is euglena helpful?

Euglena is an unicellular organism that belongs to the kingdom Protista. It is found usually in water sources that have high levels of algae. Scientists believe that it can be helpful as a pollution indicator.

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What is slide in microscope?

to keep the object on it