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yes they can because there twins they may not be the same in the eyes but there same all over there body. by RaeAnne Downs

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Q: If twin femals have different color eyes is it possible that they are identical?
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Can identical twins have different hair or eye color?

yes, they can, i just had a lecture on this but the sub-prof didn't know how to explain it, but it is possible

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Why the twins eye color is identical?

Identical twins have identical genomes. This means several physical traits are expressed in a similar way. This is because they are genetically identical. This is why identical twins have the same eye color

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Identical twins will have the same color hair, as it grows form the scalp. But if one stands out in the sun, and the other does not, the hair of the one may be naturally lightened; there are other ways the hair color can be altered naturally.

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Why do twins have the same eye color?

Not all 'identical' twins have the same eye color, or hair color for that matter. Nor do identical twins have the same DNA. Link 1: Link 2:

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