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if u are pregnant does white fuild comes out ?

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2012-02-26 07:26:24
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Q: If you are pregnant does white blood cells comes out?
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Can white blood cells in the urine mean your pregnant?


What do you think the white blood cells do?

White blood cells are the army of the blood. They fight off infection and when you have a blister, and pop it, and pus comes out, that is dead white blood cells.

What blood cells attack bacteria in the blood?

Whie blood cells attack bacteria. if you get a cut and it gets infected, white stuff comes out, that is the white blood cells fighting the bacteria. Hope this helps :)

What is inside white blood cells?

The white blood cells are important to keeping you healthy when an infection comes. They contain the material to kill off the infection.

In your own words what is blood?

Blood is something that is red when it comes out but is white when it is in your skin because there is white blood cells not just red

What comes out of pimples?

White blood cells come out when you pop a pimple.

Are leukocytes in the white blood cells?

Leucocytes are not in white blood cells, they are white blood cells.

What is the fluid that comes out of blisters?

White blood cells. They are killing bacteria, hopefully.

What cells in your blood destroy germs?

white blood cells the white blood cells

What is a major difference between white blood cells and white blood cells?

Red blood cells contain hemoglobin, but white blood cells do not

Why are white blood cells called white blood cells if they're not white?

I think you're mistaken. White blood cells ARE white.

What is the colors of your blood cells?

red blood cells are red white blood cells are white

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