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A heterozygote has the genotype of the dominant allele...therefore the recessive trait is the one that is masked.

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Q: In a heterozygote the allele that does not affect the trait?
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What allele does affect the trait in a heterozygote?

The recessive allele.

What is a person who has one recessive allele for a trait and one dominant allele for the same trait and is able to pass in the trait on to their offspring?

That is heterozygous. Some scientist call these "hybrids"(no joke)The person is heterozygous for that trait and will have the dominant phenotype.An organism with both a dominant and recessive allele for a specific trait is called an heterozygote. They are heterozygous for this trait.

What is a person who has recessive allele for a trait but does not express that trait?

They would be considered a carrier. ------------------------------- More precisely a heterozygote. A carrier would imply that the recessive trait causes disease.

What is an expressed allele in a heterozygote?

Dominant allele as opposed to recessive allele.

What allele is expressed in a heterozygote?

The allele not expressed is referred to as a recessiveallele.

An allele is dominant in a heterozygote when it is?


Allele not expressed in heterozygote?


How does a dominant trait affect the phenotype of an organism?

If the the trait is controlled by only one allele and the allele is completely dominant then once inherited the offspring with exhibit that phenotype

Is the allele for retinal blindness dominant?

I think it is dominant in heterozygote form

An orgamism that has two different alles for a trait is called?

A heterozygote.

What is the trait being studied in the heterozygote?

a pair of nonidentical alleles

What is an organism called when it has two different alleles for a trait?

A heterozygote