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Q: In all 63 of the atoms in the human body are what element?
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Which element is present in all large mocromolecules in the human body?


Which element is presented in all the larges macromolecules in the human body?


In any element all atoms are what?

All the atoms have the same number of protons (element type).

The number of these must be the same for all atoms of an element?

The number of protons is identical in all atoms of an element.

Which element is present in all the large macramolecules in the human body?

Carbon and/or hydrogen.

Are molecules in your body?

Yes, there are atoms in everything, including the human body, inside and out. Everything that you can see is composed of atoms.

What are All the Atoms in argon?

Argon is an element and all the atoms in argon are argon atoms.

What element makes up 63 percent of the human body?

Oxygen is about 63% of the human body by mass. Oxygen is in many biological molecules, but most of it is in water. Numerically, hydrogen atoms represent 63% of all atoms in the human body. That varies too, because many of the hydrogen are abound up in water and water content varies. Water by itself can be 63% of the mass of a human. (It varies with age, gender, muscle and and body fat, but is 55-65% for adults and more for children.) As one can see, many things are 63% of the human body.

Which kind of an atom present in human body?

The human body is about 70% water which is H2O, so most of the atoms are hydrogen. But hydrogen atoms are very light, so by weight, most of the atoms are oxygen. By weight, the human body is 65% oxygen, 18% carbon, 10% hydrogen, 3% nitrogen, 1.5% calcium and 1.2% phosphorus. Those 6 elements account for over 98% of all the atoms in a human body.

Why do all atoms of an element have the same chemical prperties?

Because they are all the same type of atoms. Oxygen is an element. If you have 10 oxygen atoms, they will all behave like oxygen, since they are the same element.

All Atoms Of An Element Are Exactly?

All atoms of the same element are not identical. The atoms of same element with different number of neutrons are called as isotopes. Although, the number of protons and electrons are same in every atom.

Can atoms be found in the human body?

Yes, all matter is made up of atoms - both living things and inanimate objects.