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Hemoglobin is the molecule in the red blood cell that carries oxygen. Iron is one of hemoglobin's chief components.

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Q: In blood cells what carries oxygen molecules?
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Which part of the blood carries the oxygen?

The red blood cells contain a globular protein called Haemoglobin, which carries oxygen by combining the oxygen molecules to its haem groups.

What part of the circulatory system carries oxygen to the cells?

The blood, or if you want to be more specific the red blood cells, or to be even more specific the hemoglobin molecules in the red blood cells, carries oxygen to the other cells of the body.

Which component of the blood carries oxygen?

Hemoglobin molecules on the surface of the red blood cells.

What component in the plasma of red blood cells carries oxygen molecules to the somatic Cells?

The heme group of hemoglobin.

What carries food and oxygen to the cells?

blood carry oxygen to cells

Carries oxygen?

The molecule that carries oxygen is the hemoglobin molecule. The cell that carries oxygen is the red blood cell.Blood. Red Blood cells. Or Haemoglobin in the red blood cells depending on what level you are looking at.The protein that carries oxygen in the blood is Haemoglobin(hemoglobin).

What process carries oxygen to and carbon dioxide away from cells?

Respiration is the process that carries oxygen to the cells and removes carbon dioxide from them. Blood carries the oxygen to the cells.

What is hemoglobin carry to the cell?

Hemoglobin carries oxygen to the body's tissues. It is found in erythrocytes.

What systems carries oxygen to blood?

Hemoglobin, contained in red blood cells, carries oxygen to the body's cells via the circulatory system.

What carries oxygen to your cell?

The blood carries oxygen around your body and to the body's cells.

What carries nutrients and oxygen to the cells?


What carries the oxygen to the cells?

tissues carry blood to the cells