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2 molecules of ATP are used and 4 molecules of ATP are produced.

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Q: In glycolysis for each molecule of glucose oxidized to pyruvate?
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During glycolysis glucose is oxidized into?

In cellular respiration, glucose is oxidized into pyruvate.

Glycolysis is the breakdown of what organic molecule?

....conversion of glucose to pyruvate.

Is pyruvate a cell?

No, pyruvate is a molecule produced from the breakdown of glucose during glycolysis.

How many ATP (net) are made in the glycolysis part of cellular respiration?

Glycolysis is a 10 step enzymatically catalyzed reaction which splits up a glucose molecule into two molecules of pyruvate. The process of glycolysis can occur in absence of oxygen. A net yield of 2 ATP is obtained at the end of gylcolysis for every molecule of glucose oxidized.

What molecule is needed to start glycolysis?


In Which process is glucose oxidized to generate two molecules of pyruvate and in which ATP and NADH are produced?


Is Pyruvate is a product of glycolysis?

Yes. Pyruvate is a product of glycolysis. This molecule contains three carbons. For every molecule of glucose that enters the glycolytic pathway, two molecules of pyruvate are formed

In glycolysis what is converted to two pyruvates?

One glucose molecule is converted to two pyruvate molecules during glycolysis.

At the end of glycolysis the original carbons of the glucose molecule form?

two molecules of pyruvate

How many molecules of carbon dioxide are released from one pyruvic acid molecule being oxidized?

In glycolysis, a 6 carbon sugar (glucose) is oxidized to produce 2 three carbon intermediates (pyruvate).

What two processes in glucose breakdown are anaerobic?

During glucose breakdown, glycolysis and fermentation occur anaerobically. Glycolysis breaks a glucose molecule into energy and pyruvate. Fermentation uses to the pyruvate to form either ethanol or lactate.

What does glycolysis starts with and ends with?

For glycolysis to begin, it needs: - Glucose from eating - 2 ATP molecules, they "prime" the glucose molecule by adding phosphate to it. - 4 ADP and 4 Phosphoric acids to be joined together - 2 NAD molecules in their oxidized formed. Nicotinamine adenine dinucleotide. Then the ten step cycle can begin! :)