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Q: In plasma iron is transported bound to what?
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How are the reactants and products of respiration transported in the bloodstream?

oxygen is bound to haemaglobin in the red blood cell and transported around the body Carbon dioxide is transported either dissolved in the blood plasma, as a carbamino compound or in a red blood cell

Explain the role of blood in transportation of a drug in a human body?

It depends on the drug and whether it is water or lipid soluble. Many drugs are bound and transported by plasma proteins.

What is transported in the plasma?

Ions: sodium, chlorine, pottasiu, calcium; buffers and osmoregulators; also hormones are transported in the blood plasma.

What is transported by the plasma?

blood cells

What is polycythemia?

Most oxygen is transported in the blood bound to what?

How is the majority of carbon dioxide carried in the blood?

its carried by the blood through a darker substance. Combined with haemoglobin as carboxyhaemoglobin,as bicarbonates in plasma and By dissolving in blood plasma.

What gives blood-cells their red color?

Hemoglobin's ironRed blood cells contain hemoglobin, a substance which is rich in iron. The iron is bound to the hemoglobin molecules (the protein). The iron atom that is complexed by "haem" units is what gives the color. Iron is a transition element.

What is a membrand bound organelle?

A membrane-bound organelle is an organelle surrounded by a plasma membrane.

What Percentage of CO2 transported dissolved in blood plasma?


In what liquid is food transported around the body?


How is oxygen transported through the bloodstream?

A small portion is carried in the blood plasma and the remainder is transported by combining with hemoglobin.

Does a hot iron contain plasma?

If the iron in question is one that is used to take wrinkles out of clothing, no, there is no plasma in an iron. Heating materials to a few hundred degrees is insufficient to create a plasma.