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yes and no, sometimes it comes out positive and sometimes it comes out negitive

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Acording to Bergey's manual A. faecalis is Oxidase positive

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Q: Is Alcaligenes faecalis oxidase positive
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Is alcaligenes faecalis positive or negative for urea?

Usually positive, but some strains may not.

What Two genera that are oxidase positive?

Neisseria, Alcaligenes, Moraxella, and Pseudomonadaceae are genera of oxidase positive microorganisms.

What diseases are caused by alcaligenes faecalis?

There are several different diseases and conditions that are caused by Alcaligenes Faecalis. Some of these conditions and diseases include endophthlamitis and many different types of infections.

Is the bacteria Alcaligenes faecalis pathogenic?


What is the pH for Alcaligenes faecalis?


Can Alcaligenes faecalis produce endo-spores?

No ~!

Can Alcaligenes faecalis produce endo spores?


Will Alcaligenes faecalis grow on MacConkey agar?


What are Alcaligenes faecalis characteristics?

Alcaligenes faecalis is a motile, obligate aerobic and motile bacteria. The colony morphology of alcligenes faecalis is that of small colonies, grey in color, with rough borders and spreading edges. These bacteria are rod-shaped, and colonies are thin, and often have a â??fruityâ?? odor that many people associate with green apples.

How do you tell the difference between S epidermidis and E faecalis?

Metabolic tests such as an oxidase test can be used to differentiate S epidermidis and E faecalis. Such a test can be conducted by adding H2O2 to the colony. The result for S aureus will be negative and the result for S epidermidis will be positive.

Can alcaligenes faecalis grow on emb?

I dont believe so. I think I have AF for my unknown since I got all negative tests mostly and I didn't get growth on EMB.

What are the results for a capsule stain for alcaligenes faecalis?

I dont have any answer, But i will post it when i will know . No change in color or reaction on Indole Test - Negative result on Indole Test.