Is a green butterfly rare

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Somtimes. Green Butterflies can be rare in sertan places, so if your looking for a green butterflie go to a place were its not rare. Got it.

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Q: Is a green butterfly rare
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What Is the most rare butterfly?

The Orange Tiger Lilly Butterfly is the most rare Butterfly of all. It is also the most delicate butterfly of all because the wings are thinner that paper and they harm easily that is why the are so rare.

Is a silver studded blue butterfly rare?

If it sounds rare, it is rare. My guess is the latter.

What is the most colorful butterfly?

The green arch and monarch butterfly are the colorful butterfly!

How much money for a rare butterfly?


What butterfly has a green cocoon with gold band?

A Monarch butterfly.

How many babies does a morpho butterfly have?

How many babies a morpho butterfly has is not listed. This is a rare species of butterfly and is poisonous when it reaches adulthood.

What kind of butterfly is Wyoming's official state butterfly?

Wyoming's official state butterfly is the Sheridan's Green Hairstreak.

What is the meaning of green butterfly?

There is no specific meaning of a green butterfly. However, some people believe that butterflies are angels or a symbol of rebirth.

What is the scientific name for the green swallowtail butterfly?

The scientific name of the Green swallowtail butterfly is Papilio blumei.

What is the unusual color or markings on a butterfly?

A butterfly is classed as rare if there are not many left in the natural world. Therefore they can be of any color. Most butterflies have some variant of black and red and gold on their wings.

Who can tell me the name of an 8 inch long black caterpillar with a green face and butt?

the butterfly the butterfly

What is the butterfly fish's predator?

Green Moray Eels