Is a hot tub good for broken ribs?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No because it wont do anything for your ribs.

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Q: Is a hot tub good for broken ribs?
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Is hot tub folliculitis contagious?

Yes it is, if an infected person goes into a spa, or hot tub that does not have a proper amount of chlorine, or filtration system, then yes it is contagious.

Would permethrin cream 5 help get rid of fungis?

hot tub baths with sulfur soap is a good way to get rid of fungus on the body.

What is the difference between sauna and hot tub?

A sauna is a bath that uses dry heat to induce perspiration, and steam is produced by pouring water on heated stones. A hot tub is a (usually wooden) tub, usually large enough to sit several people, that is filled with hot aerated water and often equipped with a thermostat and whirlpool. It's used for recreation or physical therapy and often found outside, like on a porch. Summary: sauna - uses steam hot tub - uses water

Would a hot tub likely contain psychrophilies?

No, Psychrophiles are microorganisms that live and grow better in temperatures that are about -10 to - 20°C; frozen condition not hot ones.

Are hot tubs bad for poison ivy?

In theory yes. The oil from Poison Ivy can last a very long time and is very resilient. It can even survive being burnt in a fire and the smoke that is inhaled can cause blisters in the lungs. Many experts say it can last up to 10 years after the plant has died. If you shower prior to going into the hot tub and used soap it probably would not cause any problems but I would check with a Doctor first. If you got into a hot tub with a hyper sensitive person, and there are many, even a small amount diluted into the water could cause the rash to appear. I believe that something like 1 in 13 are not affected by the oil. Pretty good chance everyone you know will get the rash if exposed. Considering the parts of the body exposed and that they would be the most sensitive to the oils I would not go in even if no one else was in there. If you had it on your shins and got into the tub it could spread to your abdomen or worse, genitals, ouch. Talk about socially inappropriate scratching! Your hands and the soles of your feet tend to be the least affected to the oil due to the thickness of the skin in those areas. Last, despite what you may hear you cannot be desensitized to the affect of the oil. Most children when exposed do not develop the rash. Your body becomes more sensitive to it the older you get from even the smallest exposure. This leads many people to falsely believe that Poison Ivy does not affect them and foolishly expose themselves to the plant and find out the hard way. I was one of them.

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Where can a new hot tub filter be purchased?

"A new hot tub filter can be purchased through the company you got you hot tub from or you can visit a place that sells hot tub parts. Also, Amazon is a good place to find the things you need a good prices."

Should we put a gazebo over a hot tub?

A gazebo can be an excellent way to enjoy a hot tub in the winter. It is also a good way to keep rain and snow off a hot tub to help keep the tub itself in good working order.

Why do we use hot tub filter?

One uses a hot tub filter for the purpose both cleaning any particles in the hot tub out such as grass, leaves, or bugs and to put good water that is chemically balanced back in it.

Can you go into a hot tub when you are on your period?

No, wait until your period has finished for at least 2 days. Otherwise, there would be blood in the hot tub, especially because heat/warmth makes bleeding heavier. *NOTE: It is not okay to contaminate water in a hot tub with your blood (or urine). The components of blood, urine, or feces is not broken down or flushed away in water that is contained in a hot tub.

Does anyone know where I can find a good portable hot tub?

There is a website called portable hot tubs now that has a nice portable hot tub. It's almost like a portable spa. Nextag has a great deal on a portable hot tub. Check there first.

What is the hot tub on YoVille all about?


How can I use a hot tub cover?

You use a hot tub cover after the hot tub has cooled off. Using it while your hot tub is still warm can cause your cover to break.

Where can I get good hot tub covers from?

Hot tubs works has a very detailed website. There hot tub covers have good customer ratings and reviews. You can also check your local pool stores, and ask a service repersentive what they would recomend.

How do you find value of used hot tub?

Hot tub values depend on age, condition, and brand. A person can get a good idea of what they are going for in their area if they look on craigslist.