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It is a zero. The purpose of the slash is meant to differentiate between an O and a zero.

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Q: Is an O with a slash through it Oh or zero?
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Does an o with a line through it mean the letter o or zero?

The letter 'O' with a slash through it is the number zero.

Does a circle with a line through it mean zero or the letter O?

Typically, with hand written documents, the number zero will be indicated as a circle with a slash through it.

Why zero in computer has a slash?

A normal zero '0' could be confused with the letter 'O' and to avoid confusion, a diagonal slash is often used. Otherwise, you would need to decide whether O is a letter or the number 0, by the shape of the character.

In the US visa control number in your passport what is the difference between the zero without a slash and one without?

Regarding the United States Visa Control Number, the zero with the slash is a zero, the other zero without the slash is an "O". This method of coding was invented to stop the confusion when entering letters and symbols for identification purposes.

Is the letter O a word?

Regarding the letter 'o' the answer is yes. The exclamation, oh, as in "Oh yes, now I remember!", is spelled this way. Some people refer to the number zero as "o" but it should be referred to as zero.

Is O with a slash through it the number 0 or the letter O?

A slash denotes the numeral zero, or the numeral seven. This is typically used in the military, or in European writing. The "o-slashy", or Ø/ø, is a letter used in the Danish, Faroese, and Norwegian alphabets. It is not a variation of the letter o, but a different letter altogether. It is alphabetized at the end of the alphabet: ...z, æ, ø, å.

What does the emoticon o slash slash slash o mean?

The O///O or O\\\O is supposed to look like the blushing face that appears in anime. Check out the Related Links to see some examples.

What does an O with a line through it going diagnolly?

The line going through an "o" helps to clarify the letter o, from the number zero.

How do you read 0.0105?

I'd read it "Zero point oh one oh five" (with the "oh" meaning "o" or "0") You're probably supposed to read it like: "Zero and one hundred five ten-thousandths" or "One hundred five ten-thousandths"

What is symblo for O with line through it?

It is used to differentiate the number zero from the letter O in alpha numeric strings.

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