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Chromatin is made up of DNA spirals. Chromatin makes up chromosomes.

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Histone proteins and DNA strands wound around it

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Q: Is chromatin made up of proteins and DNA or fats and proteins?
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What is made in the nucleus?

DNA and Proteins. Also known as Chromatin.

What is made up of DNA coiled around proteins?


What does chromatin in a nucleus contain?

Chromatin, found inside the nucleus, is made up of DNA and proteins.

What is composed of DNA and proteins?


Is RNA found with chromatin?

Yes rna found with chromatin, chromatin is made up of 5% rna, 45% dna and remaining with the proteins.

What deos chromatin consist of?

Chromatin is made up of majorly DNA and a considerable amount of proteins (histones). "Beads on the string" structure (DNA coiled to the histones) condense the amount of DNA to form chromatins.

Chromatin is a mixture of?

DNA and proteins

The chromatin within a nucleus is made up of what three components?

DNA, RNA, and proteins.

What is the difference between chromatin and chromosome?

A chromosome is a strand of DNA with proteins, that is usually found within the cell's nucleus. On the other hand, chromatin is a mass of genetic material containing DNA, RNA, and various proteins that forms chromosomes.**before mitosis, the DNA is loose in the nucleus in the form of chromatin. When the DNA begins to undergo mitosis the chromatin condenses to form the chromosome.The difference between chromatin and chromosomes is that chromosomes help to make up chromatin. Chromatin is made up of DNA and proteins, and is what makes the nucleus of a cell. Chromosomes make up the DNA.

What is the name of the family of DNA binding proteins that function to package DNA into chromatin?

histones are the proteins that compact and order DNA into subunits in the first step of the making of chromatin

What do chromatin consist of?

Chromatin consists of DNA and proteins that are closely associated with histones

Is the combination of DNA and chromatin in the nucleus?

Chromatin is the combination of DNA and proteins, which is the combination that makes up the contents of the nucleus.