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Insulin is most definitely a biological substance. It is produced in the body and is made up of carbon and hydrogen atoms.

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Q: Is insulin a biological or non-biological?
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What is the meaning of 'non-biological'?

bio means life, so therefore nonbiological means non- living.

When and how will biological or nonbiological immortality be invented?

It is currently impossible to predict with certainty when and how biological or nonbiological immortality will be invented. The concept of immortality is complex and involves overcoming numerous biological and technological challenges. While scientific advancements continue to push the boundaries of our understanding, it is important to note that achieving true immortality still remains highly speculative at this point.

What are biological discoveries?

Hormones, insulin, dna

What is an iu of insulin?

IU stands for International Unit. 1 IU of insulin is the biological equivalent of about 45.5 micrograms of pure crystalline insulin (1/22 mg exactly).

Which hormone initiates biological action by crossing the plasma membrane and then binding to a receptors?


Whay enzyme digests insulin?

No, insulin is a hormone that is produced by the pancreas to lower a person's blood sugar level. Enzymes are biological catalysts that speed up a biological process. An example of an enzyme is 'Amylase' this enzyme is found in saliva and is responsible for the initial breakdown of sugar before entering the stomach.

Is the manipulation of the DNA of cells to change hereditary traits or produce biological products?

Since biological products, such as human insulin or human growth hormone, are hereditary traits, the manipulation of DNA is performed in order to change hereditary traits, which results in a change in the production of biological products. For example, bacteria do not ordinarily produce human insulin or human growth hormone as hereditary traits. However, manipulating their genome so that they carry human insulin genes or human growth hormone genes is done to change their hereditary traits, such as changes in their production of biological products, so that the bacteria now produce human insulin and human growth hormone.

Two examples of Biotechnology?

Creation of protein drugs like genetech's insulin. Producing large amounts of biological enzymes for industrial use.

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N.E.S.T stands for networked elements: supporters and transformers***************No, I think it is: Nonbiological Extraterrestrials: Special Team

What has the author Arthur Eric Zimmerman written?

Arthur Eric Zimmerman has written: 'The effects of TSH on the iodinating activity of the rat thyroid gland' -- subject(s): Iodides, Thyroid gland, Rats, Thyroid hormones 'Physical and biological properties of Guinea pig insulin' -- subject(s): Insulin

WHAT hormone helps glucose move into the cell?