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I believe so, but if your eyes get more itchy and red then yes, stop doing it and it is bad.

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Q: Is it bad to rub your eyes with contacts on?
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Are color contacts bad for your eyes?

They are exactly the same as regular contacts. So no.

Can contacts be bad for your eyes?

Only if you keep them in for too long.

Is it okay to switch from glasses to contacts if your eyes aren't that bad?

I would check with your doctor first.I wear glasses and I would not change unless she told me I could, I just do not like messing with my eyes like that if I am not sure, that I can switch to contacts. and my eyes are not that bad either

If you where contacts and you have a baby will their eyes be that color?

No. Contacts are a light, thin and durable plastic/rubber that cover only your pupils. They are like earrings you take them out, clean and rub them with saline everyday. They do not permanently change your eye color, colored or not.

Im 12 and have perfect vision and dont need contacts to see Can i wear colored contacts just for the fun of it to scare my friends will it hurt me were is the most common place there sold?

Yes they will hurt your eyes. Over the counter contacts have been proven to harm the eyes and at 12 your eyes are changing all the time. The ones you could afford would be so cheap and bad that you could harm your eyes for years to come. This is a bad idea.

Can wearing contacts that aren't yours hurt your eyes?

Yes, wearing contacts that aren't yours can severely damage your eyes. Be sure to get contacts that are right for your eyes.

Why do you rub your eyes after you sleep?

When people are getting tired they rub their eyes because on their eyes having lot's of pressure because of work. They want to get fresh that's why they rub their eyes.

Are Cosplay contacts bad for your eyes?

Depends on what brand, quality and how long you use it. However, if you don't clean the contact lenses right, you might get your eyes infected.

What is the medicine of sore eyes?

but cream on your eyes and rub it in so it soaks in better if u rub it in

How can a person change their eye color?

One can buy colored contacts from your optometrist. But if they have bad eye sight, they might have to wear classes with the contacts. The colored contacts can have a prescription, but the prescriptions are pretty weak because the contacts are not the best for eyes, and should not be worn all of the time.

How can you have blue eyes with dark eyes?

wear contacts

Why do your eyes burn after taking out your contacts?

If you're new to wearing contacts your eyes may burn when you take the contacts out. Increased oxygen to your eye can create the burning or stinging sensation. As your wear contacts more regularly your eyes will adapt; if they do not become used to the contacts and your eyes still burn after a week or two, go and see your optometrist or ophthalmologist.