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No. The maxilla is part of the skull. The appendages are the arms and legs (radius, ulna, humerus, wrist and hand bones; femur, tibia, fibula, ankle and foot bones).

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Q: Is maxilla part of the appendicula skeleton?
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What is the part of the skeleton that holds the teeth?

maxilla/ alveolar process

What is an appendicula?

An appendicula is a variety of orchid of the genus Appendicula.

What is part of the facial skeleton?

Facial bones eg. nasal , zygomatic maxilla lacrymal bones.

What part of the skeleton moves so that we can chew food?

The part of the skeleton that moves so we can chew is the lower jaw or mandible. We need the upper jaw as well even though it doesn't move. It is called the maxilla.

Is maxilla a part of a flower?

No. The maxilla is a part of the face bone structure of humans. It is the upper part of the jaw (roof of mouth).

Why do we have a maxilla?

A maxilla is the upper part of your skull. This is attached to your mandible, which is the part below your jaw. Your maxilla never moves while your mandible does all the talking and eating and moving.

What are the bones that form the human jaw?

The maxilla is top part of jaw, mandible is lower part of jaw.

What is the functions of maxilla?

It is the upper part of the jaw.

What the functions of maxilla in cockroach?

It is the upper part of the jaw.

Is the maxilla orbital bone the same thing as the maxilla in the face bone?

Yes. The maxilla is a oddly shaped facial bone that help form the roof of the mouth, part of the nose and the orbit of the eye.

Where is the maxemilla bones?

If you mean maxilla, these (there is a right and left maxilla) are part of the facial bones. They form the roof of the mouth and house the upper teeth.

What part of the skull forms most of hard palate?