Is sunlight an organism

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Sunlight is not an organism, it is an abiotic factor that aids living organisms though!

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Q: Is sunlight an organism
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Is sunlight a living organism or a nonliving feature?

living organism

How do organism obtain their energy?

from sunlight...

Cluster of red pigments on euglenas that helps the organism find sunlight?

The red pigment on euglenas that helps the organism find sunlight is not nice

What organism make sunlight sugur?


What is the organism that uses energy from sunlight?


What is the response of the plant to the stimulus?

The answer is the organism from the plant to the sunlight

Which organism does not require sunlight to live?

there are many organisms that do not require sunlight to live but then there are some that need hosts

An autotroph is an organism that?

An autotroph is an organism that only needs inorganic nutrients and sunlight to survive. (eg. plants)

How is sunlight important to most organism?

it gives energy and life

What includes organism that can directly convert energy in sunlight into food?


Which organism uses sunlight or eats food to make energy?


Why does an organism need a chloroplast if it's in phylum chlorophyta?

to capture the sunlight ..