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In a living human, the answer is pink. This is because of the blood that flows through it.

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Q: Is the brain pink or gray?
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What color is the human brain?

The brain is gray.On the outside, the brain looks pink. The color of a living brain appears pink because gray matter assumes a grayish-pinkish color.The brain is composed of white matter and gray matter. Nissl bodies of the brain are stained darkly, which is where the word "gray" comes from. Gray matter is found mostly on the outer surface of the brain.White matter, on the other hand, is buried deep inside the brain. It's white because it contains a bunch of axons that are covered with white myelin.

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Why is brain called gray matter?

Brain tissue is called gray matter because it is gray.

Where is gray matter found in the brain?

Outside of the brain. Gray in center

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