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the weeping willow is not lobed because of the sharp edges and its compound reservoir

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Q: Is the weeping willow lobed or not lobed?
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What is the venation of the Weeping Willow?

The venation of a weeping willow is: Pinnate.

Should you capitalize the words Weeping Willow tree?

weeping willow

Does the weeping willow has fruits?

yes it does.the weeping willow has brown fruits.

Is a weeping willow a perennial plant?

A Weeping Willow is a tree so it is perennial.

Which tree can cry?

You are thinking of a weeping willow, but I don't think it really cries.

Is a weeping willow tree deciduos?

Yes, the weeping willow drops its leaves in Autumn.

What is the scientific name of the weeping willow tree?

what is the scientific name of a weeping willow tree

Is the weeping willow native or invasive?

Not all non-natives are invasive. The Weeping Willow is not native to the Americas. Weeping willow Salix babylonica is a native of China and is not invasive.

Will ants harm a weeping willow?

No, if anything the Weeping Willow would harm the Ants by the around of Aspirin they produce. But, the answer is no. The Weeping Willow will keep the Ants away on its own. If they still find a way to your Weeping Willow. Use a spray to secure the area.

Do you need a male and female weeping willow to grow?

No. A weeping willow can be grown as a single specimen.

What is weeping willow in Hebrew?

Weeping willow (the tree) = aravát Bável (ערבת בבל). It literally means willow of Babylon.

How does the weeping willow benefit mankind and animals?

the weeping willow benefits mankind because it is used to make aspirin