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yes it helps because they have there own skill to survive its in there gens

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Q: Is their any genetic features to help to survive?
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Do salmons help any plant or animals survive?

do salmons help any plant or animals survive

Are there any special body features which helps the hammerhead shark to survive?

yes the part on it head....the hammer on its head is what helps it survive and kill its prey!D

Do carpenter ants have any special adaptation which help them survive?


Any characteristic that is favorable to help an organism survive are called?

That is an adaptation .

Does a lion have any special adaptations that help it survive?

his claws and his jaw

How did fire help people survive?

Well it help them survive because without it they would freeze to death and also without fire they would not be able to cook any of there food

Can anyone say any features that are genetic I know that features of the human are passed down to other members of the family for example eye colour. Can someone list anymore genetic features?

Everything that occurs naturally in a biological oganism is genetic. Voice, face shape, feet; to some extent even intelligence and personality although these are also affected but other influences. * Hair color * Blood type * Skin color * Many health factors

Is there any adaptation that can help a monkey survive in it's habitat?

Yes, the monkeys tail and long arms are an adaptation that helps it survive in its environment.

What is the signifiance of the genetic variation and natural selection?

genetic variation (from any of several sources) provides options to try.natural selection determines which of those options help the population most.

Do elephants have any special features that helps is survive?

they can trample a person to death in no time flat, they use their trunk and their tusks to defend themselves.

Are there any genetic disorders that include bright blue eyes I am referring to genetic disorders and not ethnic groups. Genetic disorder can be including other features besides bright blue eyes?

Argyria, a condition brought about by the consumption of large amounts of silver, can permanently turn both eyes and skin blue. Not exactly a genetic disorder, but interesting nonetheless.

How does living in an isolated area help penguins survive?

They don't have any competition for food or shelter.