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Yes, there is a deformity when the front lower ribs protrude. This is commonly called pigeon chest. However, it is not a serious deformity.

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Q: Is there a deformity when front lower ribs protrude?
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How do you put the word protrude in a sentence?

The ribs protrude from the body after the fall.

Is it common for bones to stick out of the chest?

If your bones are sticking out of your chest this may mean your under weight. However in some people the lower ribs protrude or stick out. Also, the xiphoid process in the front sticks out in some people.

I have a bone protruding out of my lower middle chest just unsure what it is?

You're probably describing pectus carinatum, which is a deformity of the chest caused by the sternum (breast bone) and ribs poking out where they meet in the middle.

How many ribs do a human have on the front of their body?

Humans normally have 14 true ribs on the front of their bodies, and 10 false ribs. True ribs are attached directly to the sternum (breastbone) at the front of the body, and the false ribs are not.

Can you actually get your lower ribs removed?

Yes. You can have your lower ribs removed to make your waist appear smaller

How do ribs move?

Ribs move up and when you breathe. The ribs will rise when you inhale and will lower when you exhale.

Which abdominal region is covered by the lower ribs?

The right and left hypochondriac abdominal regions are covered by the lower ribs.

What if your ribcage is shape like a wave plus your lower ribs protrude What is up its been like that ever since you had pneumonia when you were little did your rib cage collapse?

The rib cage is flat and its shape like a cage that is the shape of rib cage

What is ribs?

ribs are either a type of food or they are what are covering your lungs from the front

Can you get a oblique muscle tear from a fall on to the ribs?

yes, lower eight ribs.

Why are ribs 8 throuhg 12 know as false ribs?

they are known as false ribs as they are not connected to the cartalige that holds the other ribs at the front of the ribcage.

Can costochondritis cause pain in the right lower ribs while stretching?

Yes. Costochondiritis is a painful inflammation of the ribs and tissues between the ribs.

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