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- prokaryotic cells do not have a nucleus and eukaryotic cells do.

- prokaryotic cells lack some organelles and eukaryotic cells do not.

- prokaryotic cells are not found in humans and eukaryotic cells are.

- prokaryotic cells are always unicellular and eukaryotic cells are often multicellular.

- prokaryotic cells reproduce/divide by binary fission and eukaryotic cells reproduce/divide by mitosis/meiosis

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The cell lacks cytoplasm

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The cell lacks a nucleus.

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Q: Looking at a cell under a microscope you note that it is a prokarote?
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How does a cell look under a microscope?

It depends on what cell you are looking at.

A student wrote this description of a cell after looking at it under a microscope Which type of cell was the student most likely describing?

Electron microscope

What does a prokarote cell not have?

A prokaryote cell does not have a nucleus, they are single-celled organisims.

When looking at eukarytoic cell under a light microscope what is most easily seen?

most likely the nucleus

What does prokarote mean?

A cell that does not contain a membrane-enclosed nucleus is a prokaryote.

Is cytoplasm visible with a light microscope?

The cytoplasm is somewhat clear when looking through a light microscope. However you can see where the cytoplasm is. You can see cell walls and cell membranes through a light microscope, the spaces in between these lines is cytoplasm.

Which organelle in a eukaryotic cell is most noticeable under a microscope?

The cell nucleus is most easily seen under a light microscope.

How did Robert Brown describe the cell?

by looking at the microscope:)

What is the purpose of staining a cell when viewing it under the microscope?

This is so we are easily able to see and differentiate the organelles when examining the cell under a microscope.

Who was the first person to witness a live cell under a microscope?

Anton Van was the first man to witness a lve cell under a microscope.

How can you prove that a cell is eukaryote?

You can examine the cell under a light microscope. Eukaryotic cells have nuclei, and these should be visible under a light microscope.

Are cell membranes visible under a microscope?

yes you can see cell membrane under micorscope