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The plantae kingdom has organisms that are multicellular, eukaryotic, and autotrophic.

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Q: Members of this kingdom are multicellular, eukaryotic autotrophs that also carry out the process of photosynthesis.?
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The soft-bodied multicellular eukaryotic organisms shaped like miniature umbrellas found in decomposing dead moist leaves are actually members of kingdom?

Mushrooms are members of the Fungi Kingdom

Are the Members of the plant kingdom are multicellular?

members of the plant kingdom are multicellular

Members of the plant kingdom all share in common?

Plant cells have cell walls. Plant cells form a cell plate when dividing. Larger vacuoles plant cells. More pigment such as chlorophyl and carotin. Most plants are autotrophs.

Is a koala prokaryotic or eukaryotic?

Eukaryotic. All members of the Kingdom Animalia are eukaryotic.

What is the characteristic of members of the plant kingdom that distingishes them from members of the animal kingdom?

Most of the members of plant kingdom have cell wall and perform photosynthesis whereas members of animal kingdom do not have cell wall and also they do not perform photosynthesis and one more thing animals do not make thier own food means they are heterotrophs and plants make thier awn food so they are autotrophs.

Members of the kingdom Animalia are best described as?

Members of the animal kingdom make up the largest kingdom of any in the world. They are all heterotrophs with intracellular digestion and a multicellular body plan.

Algae and multicellular plants are autotrophs because they?

No, not all algae are autotrophs. There are some that are autotrophs whereas there are others that are heterotrophs. Autotrophs refers to the members of the animal kingdom that make their own food.

To what kingdom is algae belong?

Yes, algae are the members of plant kingdom. These may be unicellular to colonial or filamentous. These are autotrophs like other members of plant kingdom, preparing food through photosynthesis.

Are plantae autotrophs or hetertrophs?

Most of the members of Plantae are autotroph.

How are members of the kingdom fungi different from members of the kingdoms plantae?

Members of the kingdom Fungi are Heterotrophs and the Members of the kingdom Plantae are Photosynthetic Autotrophs.

What is a characteristic of the plant kingdom?

Members of the plant kingdom contain cells that have cell walls made of cellulose, cell membranes which form a phospholipid bilayer which is semipermeable. Plant cells contain a membrane-bound nucleus and membrane-bound organelles. Plant cells contain chloroplasts, which are membrane-bound organelles containing the green pigment chlorophyll, which are the site of photosynthesis.

How are fungi different from the other kingdoms?

Members of the kingdom fungi are different from members of the kingdom plantae because fungi are heterotrophs. This means they do not make their own food like plants do. Plants are autotrophs because they make their own food using photosynthesis.