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A cell membrane is the part of the cell that allows things to enter and leave the cell. It also gets to choose what enters and leaves.

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Q: Membranes that let some things through called selectively?
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Does it mean that biological membranes are selectively permeable?

means they allow some things to cross, but not others.

What is a selectively permeable cell membrane?

Things can pass in and out through the cell.

Does the cell membrane let the good cells in a the bad cells out?

It depends. Cell membranes are selectively permeable. Meaning it will only let certain things in and out of the cell.

Are cell membranes and colanders in common?

Cell membranes and colanders are both semi-permeable. This means that there are some things that can pass through them and some things that cannot.

What is the importance of membranes being selectively permeable with respect to living things?

It helps in maintaing the specificity of compounds that enter and exists from the cells. Also it helps in maintaining the osmoregulation in many cells.

What is an example of a selectively permeable?

A selectively permeable cell membrane allows certain molecules or ions to pass through it by means of active or passive transport. The most common example is the phospholipid bilayer cell membrane that surrounds all of our body cells. The inner membranes of an egg are also selectively permeable membranes.

Are cell membranes permeable or semi-permeable?

Semi-permeable. They let some things in, and others out. Typically, nutrients and water are let in, and waste products from cellular metabolism are let out!

What is a membrane called when only certain things can cross a membrane?

a membrane that only allows certain things to cross is called "selectively permeable"

What does the cellmembran do?

It lets things go in and out selectively.

What type of membrane allows substances to pass through?

Membranes that allow passage in and out are called permeable.Membranes that only allow "some" substances to pass through aresemipermeable or selectively permeable.

True or false The cell membrane is selectively permeable?

True. Permeable means that things are able to pass through something, and selective indicates that certain things are able to pass through.

Why does water exit the blood by filtration but reenter by osmosis?

Through SPM, or semi-permeable membranes. These membranes (which protects the cell) only allows certain things to enter the cell.