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There is only one organelle that is found in both animal and plant cells. The one thing that is found in both is chloroplast.

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Cell wall and chloroplasts are found in plant cells but not in animal cells.

Centrosome with 2 centrioles are found in animal cell but not in plant cell.

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chloroplast,cell wall,plastids and a large central vacuoles.the chloroplast contain the green pigment chlorophyll that is responsible of the process of the photosynthesis

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Q: Name and describe the function of the organelles located in the plant and not the animal cell?
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Function of mitochondrion in animal cell?

They are the organelles responsible for cellular respiration

What are the three names of cell oragelles and describe their function?

There are more than three types, and plant and animal cells have different ones. Also, Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes have different organelles. Clarify.

What is the name of the organelles found in animal cells whose function is energy production?


What is the function of the filament in an animal cell?

the function of a filament is it helps hold all the organelles together in a cell. without a filament in an animal cell, it can be found dead

How do you identify a cell organelle with its function?

incredible edible animal cell how to identify them and explain the organelles and their function?

Animal cell organelles?

An animal cell organelles are organelles that are found in the human body or in the animal body

How do parts of animals cell function?

Parts of an animal cell, which are also known as organelles are told their job by the nucleus. They then carry out these jobs with the help of the other organelles.

Do organelles found in both plant and animal cell have the same function?

If they are found in both types of cells, ten yes, they have the same function.

What organelles do plants and animal cells have in common and what is their function?

Nucleus, ribosomes, mitochondria etc. function for genetic information, protein synthesis and respiration.

Where does cytoplasm go in the animal cell?

The cytoplasm is the round thing all of the other organelles are located in.

What is the name for the 'little organs' in cells?

Organelle which is the word used to describe the parts of cells with specific function as they act like mini organs.

Identify the organelles of both plant and animal cells?

list the organells of a plant cell of an animal cell and state the life function associated with each