Name some heredity trends

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Law of segregation , heridetory traits are like you can say skin color, color of eye, behaviour to some extent etc.

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Q: Name some heredity trends
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Is there heredity in bees?

Every living organism has (some kind of) heredity.

Is DNA the heredity material?

Yes and no. Some of the heredity material comes from the parents.

How do you heredity in a sentence?

We can blame some of our bad traits on heredity, but by some point in life, we have to decide for ourselves how we will behave.

What is heredity factor?

Heredity is the act of passing traits from parents or ancestors to offspring. Some common heredity factors are eye colors, freckles and hair color.

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What is it called when parents pass on their traits from one generation to another?

heredity, its all in the genes.HeredityHeredity

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Why do some people look popular and some don't?

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