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The carpal bones (wrist bones) make up the "floor" of the carpal tunnel and the transverse carpal tunnel ligament make up the top part of the tunnel.

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Q: Name two structures that make up the carpal tunnel?
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Can your employer make you have carpal tunnel surgery?


Carpal tunnel formed by which carpals?

The floor of the carpal tunnel is made up of (from the pinky side of the wrist to the thumb side, respectively) the hamate bone, capitate bone, trapezoid bone, and trapezium bone.These bones make up the "distal row" of carpal bones and form the floor of the tunnel at the mid-portion of the transverse carpal ligament - the structure cut by the surgeon during carpal tunnel surgery.

Can carpal tunnel make hands swell?

Simple question, simple answer. Yes.

What are the chances of carpal tunnel surgery working on the 3rd operation?

I would make sure and get a 2nd opinion from a hand make sure your symptoms are caused by carpal tunnel syndrome and not something else! Also each time you have surgery you increase the chances of complications and scar tissue formation (adhesions) which can also cause compression around the carpal tunnel area.

What evaluations does a physician make on a patient with carpal tunnel syndrome?

A physician examining a patient suspected of having carpal tunnel syndrome will perform a variety of simple tests to measure muscle strength and sensation in the affected hand and arm.

Is carpal tunnel genetic or caused by being obese?

Neither. The Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a result of repetitive movements done over a long period of time. You may be genetically prone to it or obesity may make it worse, but neither is a cause.

How does an ergonomic keyboard help with carpal tunnel syndrome?

Ergonomic keyboards helps with carpal tunnel because it keeps the wrist in the proper position to help avoid repetitive stress injuries. Make sure you also take pleny of breaks.

Is carpal tunnel syndrome preventable?

The only way to make sure you do not get Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is to ensure you do not do repetitive tasks that may lead to the inflammation of the Median Nerve in the wrist. This is very difficult for a lot of people, particularly if your work involves repeytitive movements.

Can you still pursue for dental hygiene if you have carpal tunel?

It would be best to ask the doctor treating your for the Carpal Tunnel problem about this, as each person is different. Certainly you would not want to pursue a career that would make your Carpal problem worse.

Can a car accident cause carpal tunnel syndrome?

Carpel tunnel syndrome is a condition that is caused by repeated actions over a period of time to the same part of the body, usually the hands and wrists. While it is possible that a car accident could weaken an area and make carpal tunnel more likely in the future, it is unlikely that the accident itself would cause the condition.

Why does wrist hurt?

There are a lot of things that can make your wrist hurt, you may have slept on it wrong, you may have strained it doing something, you may type a lot and have a bit of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Can Carpal tunnel sydrome make your mid back muscles hurt?

No. Not unless you've been twisting yourself into weird postures trying to avoid pain. Most likely it's a separate problem.

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