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Oak and maple are examples of deciduous trees (trees that loose their leaves).

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Q: Oak and mable trees are examples of what kind of trees?
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What kind of plants are their in the forest?

There are Oak Trees, Birch Trees, Dark Oak Trees etc.

What kind of trees loses its leaves in the autumn?

deciduous trees lose there leaves in the autumn. some examples are maple, oak, birch, etc. hope that helped:)

What kind of trees do acrons grow into?

Acorns are from Oak trees.

Examples of trees in New Jersey?

oak, pine and cedar

What kind of trees flowers plants are found in Portugal?

Evergreen Oak, Cork Oak, Poplar, and Olive trees.

What kind of trees exist in a mature forest?

tall trees such as pine trees, birtch trees oak.

What kind of trees is al khayran coast?

the oak

What kind of oaks grow in Oregon?

oak trees

What kind of nut grows on a oak tree?

Acorns grow on oak trees.

What kind of trees do ladybugs like?

Some ladybugs like oak trees, maple trees, and bannana trees.

Oak trees are what kind of tree?

Oaks are deciduous dicots.

What kind of air does oak trees breathe?

poopie air