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sound waves

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Q: Pass through the cochlea and are transformed into nerve impulses and sent to the brain?
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What is the function of the cochlea?

houses the spiral organ of corti which is the receptor organ for sends electrial impulses to the brain

What Sound vibration are converted into nerve impulses in the?

Cochlea apex

What is the role of cochlea in ear?

The cochlea is the place where sound is actually sensed by nerves to create a signal that can travel to the brain. The rest of the ear serves only to collect sound and transmit it to the cochlea.

What transmits sound waves to the inner ear making waves in the fluid in the cochlea?

The ossicles amplify the sound. They send the sound waves to the inner ear and into the fluid-filled hearing organ (cochlea). ... The auditory nerve sends these impulses to the brain. The brain then translates these electrical impulses as sound.

What structure in the ear converts sound waves into nerve impulses?

In general, the cochlea. More specifically, an impulse is carried into the brain along the auditory nerve when the tectorial membrane and the basilar membrane inside the cochlea are pressed together by the force of sound waves.

What the function of the cochlea?

houses the spiral organ of corti which is the receptor organ for sends electrial impulses to the brain

What auditory nerve is responsible for?

The auditory nerve is responsible for relaying vibrations from the cochlea, in the inner ear, to the brain as electrical impulses. The auditory centre of the brain then interprets these as sound.

In which part of the ear are the cells that are senstive to sound?

The hairs in the cochlea are responsible for producing the nerve impulses that travel to the brain's temporal lobes to be interpreted as sound.

How does sound travel to your brains?

the sound wave vibrate the cochlea in your ear (a small snail like organ in your ear) the fluid inside it shake touching receptors your brain takes the vibrations and and relays the info

Where is the cochlea located?

Yes. It is a snail-shell shaped organ with tiny hairs lining the inside that move to sound waves, sending impulses to the brain, which the brain translates as sound.

Which part of the ear sends a message to the brain that is recognized as sound?

The simple answer: In the inner ear the cochlea (the roundish wound up thing that looks a little like a snail shell to me), picks up vibrations from the eardrum (AKA Tympanic membrane) which are then converted to nerve impulses, which are received by the brain as sound.

How does sound travel and how do we hear it?

Sound travels as a longitudinal wave through a physical material such as air, a pattern of compressions and rarefactions of the particles. These reach our eardrum making it vibrate. In turn this transmits the vibrations, first to the bones of the middle ear, then to the liquid in the cochlea. Finally this moves the little hairs on the walls of the cochlea which trigger nerve impulses which travel to the brain.